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BTI 5” - 6” Easy Open Tee Installation

Tools Required for Installation:

• 3/8” Allen Wrench

• 2- 3/4” Wrenches

For proper operation and sealing you must follow these guidelines:

• Inspect hopper flange for warpage and excessive weld.

1. Warped flanges must be straightened or replaced.

2. Excessive weld may need ground away for mtg. collar clearance.

• Check flange thickness (easy open is re-adjusted for 3/8” thick flange)

• Check butterfly valve to be used (only use raised o-ring type valve seat) (Square shoulder

type valve seat is not recommended)

• Special order the easy open tee for keystone type thick bodied valves.

Step 1

Slide mounting collar half w/hook over flange.

Step 2

Hand tighten 2 locating bolts.

Step 3

Slide mounting collar half w/tee over flange.

Step 4

Install collar bolts and hand tighten.

Step 5

Hand tighten 2 locating bolts.

Step 6

Torque collar bolts to 55-60 ft-lbs.

*Make sure not to force collar halves together.

Step 7

Torque locating bolts to 35-40 ft-lbs in cross pattern.

Step 8

Swing tee up then engage hook bolt into the cam.

Step 9

Place butterfly valve into place.

Step 10

Insert operating handle into cam then rotate

to lock in place.

Step 11

Rotate handle down camming into place then remove

operating handle.